Low Table/board from Holland #3


I have a collection of 3 of these gorgeous old low boards with legs from Holland.  I'm not sure what they were used for but they have been described as charcuterie boards, low tables for eating at or cheese boards.  I imagine they had legs to keep food off the ground?  Whatever they are, they have heaps of character and all have their own beautiful patina. 

Perfect as a low table in itself, for displaying cheeses or breads or just have it looking fabulous on a shelf.

Made from baltic European pine, I have cleaned them up (took a while!), fixed their legs and given them a quick sand and light coat of bees wax where necessary. 

This one is board number 1 and is the longest board. 

height: 180mm
length: 1145mm including handle, 1060 board length excluding handle
width: 360mm