Lining fabrics

Lining fabrics

Properly lining curtains and blinds helps to prolong the life of your curtain fabric and slows down the fading process.  It also makes the curtains look fuller and helps them to hang better.  We can recommend excellent curtain and blind makers to help you out.

We stock 3 types of lining fabrics all with a white finish all the way through the fabric:

The most popular lining for any room where you want a fuller look and protection from the sun.
Width: 142 cm 
Colour: White

Blackout poly/cotton
This 3 pass lining has a soft feel and drapes very well.
It is suitable for windows where it is important for the light to be blocked out. It is a bit heavier than conventional cotton lining.
Width: 137 cm 
Material: Poly/cotton
Weight: 260 g per square metre

Thermal lining
Thermal lining screens a window from draughts and prevents heat from escaping. Also prevents some sunlight from leaking in.
Colour: WhiteWidth: 137 cm
Material: Poly / Cotton